Blossom With a Fresh Healthy New Makeup Look

One thing all girls can agree on is they don't want to overdo their look. And they agree that springtime is the ideal time to wake up the face and give it a youthful glow that is fresh and healthy looking.  Getting a springtime look that amplifies a fresh healthy glow and fresh face is quite simple and only takes a few moments a day to accomplish.   We all know that spring 2009 means natural neutral looks that burst with vibrancy.  Give your face a springtime look using these skincare and makeup application tips.

Fresh Face
Those winter weary pores are making the skin look dry and dull, seemingly with very little color or vibrancy; therefore you want to wake up the pores by doing some deep cleaning and texture toning for a fresh looking face.   Start off using a skin care product that enhances and energizes the skin. Use a deep cleaning revitalizing mask that exfoliate.  For a flawless completion, try a skin toning product that evens skin tones while working to clear acne scars and red blotches.

A home remedy that works well is to create an overnight skin cream using water and baking soda.  Mix the ingredients and apply to red blotchy areas affected by acne. Leave on overnight and deep clean in the morning.

Always make sure you moisturize after each cleaning treatment and use a soft toner. The most important part of maintaining a fresh face and healthy skin is committing to a daily skin care regimen, eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water.

Fresh faced Healthy glow
Having a healthy youthful glow is the goal for every woman and since winter gives the skin a lackluster tone adding a little healthy glow is a key element for springtime looks.  It's important to find skin care products that will renew your skin's energy.  Use renewal hydrating night cream and your skin will gain that healthy glow and youthful radiance.

If you prefer natural skin care products try Aveeno Positively Radiant collection that not only offers a glowing complexion, but protects your skin against harmful UV and UB rays, works as an anti aging cream and more.

Make up tips for a Fresh faced springtime look
There's no doubt that springtime looks are all about colors and contrasts, light and soft yet bold enough to standout and be noticed.  Starting with a full coverage foundation that is oil free will help create a flawless looking fresh faced healthy skin.  Before applying foundation make sure to use a good concealer and blend in thoroughly to insure blemishes are covered.

Eye makeup for fresh faced springtime looks consists of eyeliners, eye shadows and mascara. Remember its springtime so light blues, turquoises, teals and soft greens are perfect for eye shadow that goes with nearly every skin tone.   Unlike winter when darker bold colors were fashionable, springtime colors are softer with a variety of pinks, blues and greens.

Different eyeliner colors like black, navy blue, midnight blue and some hues of green  liner are cool and fun when brininging out irredescent or light colors of eye shadow.  Also black and blue massacre, which is the finishing touch to eye makeup, is great to accentuate springtime looks.

Blushes should never be to dark and bold but in soft pinks, nude or neutral tones to highlight the check bone just enough to define the bone structure but not to appear dark and heavy.   As far as lips are concerned lip gloss, glossy lips and color lip glosses put the finishing touches to your new fresh faced healthy springtime make up looks.  Dark hard colors are for the winter or a night on the town, therefore using soft neutral yet natural lip glosses are perfect so long as you refrain from lining the lips.

Bring in spring with these easy and fun springtime makeup tips, revitalizing fresh face ideas and glowing skin with the aid of healthy eating and routine skin care practices.

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