Fresh New Ways to Wear a TurtleneckWhen you dig your favorite turtleneck out of your closet, don’t feel discouraged. We have some style inspiration for your basic turtleneck that will dress up your outfit and take you from day to night.

Cooler weather makes many of us think of wearing warm and fuzzy clothing that are both warm and trendy. When we get up and get dressed in the morning we strive to look amazing and feel warm when we step outside. Turtlenecks are an easy dressing option that will keep warmth in and can be incredibly trendy. However, many of us may not know the right ways to wear this trend.


Turtlenecks are great because they can be paired underneath basically anything. Paired with our favorite jackets, skirts or even underneath a dress they can look fashionable and keep warmth in. To ensure you sport these looks right we have broken down the best ways to wear a turtleneck. No longer will we feel that they are stuffy shirts, we can have fun with them; there are many ways to dress up an outfit.

1. Graphic Prints

A great option for wearing the turtleneck to work is to pair a solid one with a graphic print skirt. Look for a black and white checkered print skirt and pair it with a black turtleneck and black tights. Make sure that the skirt has just a slight flow; anything more than slight would be too much, you want to create a streamlined look. Add a great pair of heels and instantly you will have a sophisticated workplace ensemble.

2. Winter White Pants

If you are looking for a weekend turtleneck look, choose your favorite pair of white jeans. When you pair white jeans with a black turtleneck, you will have a chic black and white look that is casual and fresh. Add a black blazer and heels to take the look in to the evening.

You can take this look one step further by pairing your white jeans with a silvery white turtleneck. Look for a top that fits a bit looser to pair with your jeans and complete the look with a pair of silver wedges.

3. Military Jacket

Yet another great way to sport a turtleneck is to pair it with a military jacket. Grab your favorite jacket or if you don’t yet have one look for a cropped jacket with an open chest; make sure it stops at your waist. Opt for a jacket in a grey color, when paired with a black turtleneck it looks quite chic. You can wear this with jeans during the day and add heels with your favorite jewelry to wear for a night out.

4. Underneath Your Favorite Dress

If you have a great dress that you love to wear but aren’t sure how to wear when the weather cools, you can add a turtleneck underneath to keep the warmth in and create a fashion forward look. Choose a dress that is fitted and has enough room on top for the turtleneck. This can look just right underneath your favorite black dress or with a cobalt blue knee length dress.

Turtlenecks are a great option to be worn underneath your favorite ensemble; they look great with basically anything. Enjoy dressing up your turtleneck and pairing them with your favorite outfit choices.

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