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freshen-a-room-with-new-wall-looksFresh and Modern Wall Treatments

Creating a new look in your home can be as easy as changing the wall in one space. From paint colors to decor, you can truly redo your entire home by using this simple technique. Whether you are looking to transform a small space and make it look bigger, create a warm and cozy nook, or add some energy to your home office, we have the tips that will help you freshen a room with a new wall look.

Establish a Design Goal

The first thing you need to do when seeking a change in your space is create a design goal. If you want to make a space look bigger, go for lighter colors and use mirrors if you can. To make a space look more intimate, you do the exact opposite by using colors on the walls that are dark and even using fabrics as well. Many people make the mistake of using too many accessories on a wall. This tends look tacky and make a small room look even more crowded. On the other hand, utterly bare walls aren't any better as they make a room feel cold and uninhabited. 

Steps for Choosing a Wall Covering

Choosing wall coverings can be a lot of fun. First, look at what you want to have as a theme in the room and go from there. Wall coverings can be mirrors, fabrics, framed art work, water features, candles, and the list goes on and on. One new method to dress up walls is by using decals that are made into stickers with the adhesive already on them. You simply choose the packets you like and stick them to the walls in your home. Designs range from whimsical animals for the nursery to sophisticated geometric patterns with a lot of modern aesthetic. Quotes are also popular, but bee wary of anything that is too literal or cutesy. If you're going to put giant words on your wall, they had better be true expressions of your personality.

By covering just one wall with fabric or paint, you can change the whole pattern of where the eye goes when it enters the room. If the paint you choose is brown or any other earth type color, go with other furniture and accessories to match the space to really pull it all together. Earth toned colors seem to always make a room appear bigger. Using fabrics can be another way to change your room's image. Fabric on the wall can be very classic in a dining area, and in the bedroom it gives a romantic feel to the space. Look at what type of space you have to work with initially, then go into the budget you currently have to make the changes you wish to see in your space.

Have a family member or friend come and help you choose your new paint, wallpaper, decal, fabric or accessories. It will be good to have another set of eyes along. Most important, have fun! Remember that the worst case scenario is that you'll have to paint over your mistake. Be fearless and you may discover a look you never would have dreamed would work.

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