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friends-are-more-likely-than-celebs-to-help-you-lose-weightIt seems as though everyday we’re bombarded with yet another celebrity sharing his or her latest diet and weight loss methods, but a new study has shown that we’re more likely to shed the pounds by seeing friends achieve their fitness goals.

"People want to see that positive influence," said researcher Lora Cavuoto at the University at Buffalo who conducted the study. "Understanding how social influence affects people's participation in health programs can lead to better-designed wellness interventions."

The study found that seeing a friend succeed at his or her diet plan can spur on others around them to do the same.

Although it is well-known that obesity is becoming an epidemic in America, many individuals still do not undertake the recommended amount of exercise each week. Cavuoto believes that the findings from this latest piece of research will help diet and exercise programs reach more people by advising marketers on which people to choose as endorsers.

The findings suggest that celebrities should be taking a backseat when it comes to promoting the latest fitness fad in favor of the people in our social network.

The study also found that people who knew someone who had lost weight successfully also had the largest weight loss.

“Your ties and social contacts may have a bigger effect because you see them every day and you have that close connection,” said Cavuoto. “If they can be successful, then that’s your best way of getting information out that a program is good.”

If you’re constantly looking to Hollywood for fitness inspiration, you might want to look a little closer to home!

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