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friends-coming-to-netflix-in-januaryWell, looks like we won't have a life come New Years.

All 10 seasons of Friends is coming to Netflix January 1, 2015. YES. This is not a drill. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Chandler and all 10 seasons of Friends will be available January 1, 2015. Clear your schedule, because your Netflix binge-watching addiction is about to get worse!

Even though Friends is widely available on cable TV, the opportunity to watch whatever episode you want is a huge opportunity for devotees! You can prep by watching these favorite scenes from the beloved show... 

Remember that time Rachel tried having an accent? I’m sure we all can relate.

But wait, Ross had an accent at one point, too. Oh, cheerio...

Remember that one time Monica tried to dance?

Sometimes, you need to laugh, even when it’s not that funny...

Finally, we should all channel Phoebe a little more often.


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