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10 breakup songs header

So you just broke up with your significant other, and you’re looking for something to connect to and make you feel better. We all know ending a relationship is never easy, but often times others just don’t understand exactly what you’re going through. They try to cheer you up and offer you advice, but sometimes we just need a moment to wallow in our own self-pity and enjoy a good breakup song. So grab a box of Kleenex and a pint of your favorite ice cream, and enjoy the ten best breakup songs that say everything you wish you could:


One of the most difficult things parents and kids can go through is a divorce and telling your child, at any age, is heartbreaking and tough.

Make it easier by having a plan and being aware of the best ways to ease the conversation. Parents should discuss beforehand how they will approach the news and how they will answer questions. Parents and children should both know they are not alone during this difficult time.

If you’re ready to tell your young child about your divorce, try these tips...

  • Be conscious of the timing: Make sure you and your partner are sure of your decision before telling your children. There doesn’t need to be any more confusion. 
  • Tell your child together: You may not agree on many things but you should definitely tell your child about your divorce together. That way, the kids won’t hear just one side of the story and will see it as a decision you made together. 
  • Tell them it’s not their fault: A lot of the times, kids will ask why and if it’s their fault. Maybe your child got in trouble recently for not doing their chores, and they will ask if incidences like that caused it. Reassure your kids you both love them and it has nothing to do with them. 
  • Keep it simple: Children don’t need to hear the details and if they’re too young, they won’t understand. Minimize the impact by not talking about it on the phone if they are around or at dinner. And when you tell them, keep it simple. Simply say that mommy or daddy is getting their own place and that they can see mommy or daddy as much as they want. Kids will ask questions so let them know mom and dad won’t be together but their relationship with the kids will always remain the same. 
  • Allow them to react: Your kids will be angry, yell or storm off to be alone. Let them cool off or react however they choose and answer any questions they have. 
  • Consider help for your children: Kids may need to talk to someone else besides you about how they feel. Offer them the help of a therapist or a school counselor. 
  • Don’t promise anything: If it’s still early, don’t promise anything that you aren’t sure about, such as the living arrangements or how often the kids will see mom or dad.


Here's some bad news for women who are the sole breadwinners in their families - a new study shows that your husband is more likely to cheat. 

The study, which was published in the June issue of the American Sociological Review, surveyed more than 2,750 married subjects and found that men who are completely financially dependent on their wives are most at risk for cheating.

Why? The author of the study Christin Munsch suggests this behavior is a direct reflection of reasserting masculinity and acting on resentment. 

In an interview with CNN, the assistant professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut said, “I think it has to do with our cultural notions of what it means to be a man and what … the social expectations are for masculinity." 

She added, "Infidelity allows men undergoing a masculinity threat - that is not being primary breadwinners - to distance themselves from, and perhaps punish, their high-earning spouses."

Interestingly enough, women who are the breadwinners are least likely to cheat.

In 2013, a report from the Pew Research Center showed than an increasing amount of women are taking on the role of sole breadwinner. In four out of 10 households with children, women are the primary breadwinners. 

Yet, despite this growing number, it seems like the social norms haven't changed much.

“That is shocking to me that in 2015, in the face of so many women being so incredibly successful … the fact that these young men have grown up in this ‘post-feminist era’ still feel that it’s that important to be a breadwinner really, I think, speaks to how strong this norm is,” Munsch said. 


Think you've had a bad breakup? You've got nothing on this guy! You have to watch this video to believe how this German man dealt with an especially tough divorce. Is his angsty response genius breakup revenge or just plain wacky? We're still deciding, but the results are hilarious (and hopefully therapeutic!). 

A man based in Germany named Max is selling half of his ex's belongings on eBay. And when we say half, we mean exactly half.

Bad-Breakup-2Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli 

Der.Juli, Martin's eBay username, posted a video of himself sawing all their possessions in half, including a car, an iPhone, a couch... You get the idea. 

The adrenaline-filled video, entitled "For Laura," is sarcastically captioned: "Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years, Laura!!!! You’ve really earned half. Greetings to my successor."

Bad-Breakup-3Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

The video also includes links to the halved items, which are available to purchase on eBay. 

Bad-breakup-4Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

Bad-breakup-6Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

The divorce court apparently ordered the couple to split their possessions 50/50, and it appears that the spurned lover took this literally. 

bad-breakup-5Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli

Ultimate breakup revenge fantasy? We're just wondering how his ex-wife reacted when she got her half...

bad-breakup-7Photo Credit: YouTube/Der Juli


A YouTube star is making history by filing both civil and criminal charges against an ex-partner who posted revenge porn without her knowledge. She claims that the videos that were posted have monetarily impacted her sponsorship opportunities and lost her subscribers.

California native Chrissy Chambers says her London-based ex-boyfriend took a video of them having sex without her knowledge when she was drunk. A year after they broke up, he posted the video on a few porn sites. The video has now been up for two years and has circulated around 35 different websites. Chambers, whose channel boasts 435,000 subscribers and 85 million video views, did not know that the video even existed until viewers began posting on her YouTube channel.

"We had these 14-year-old girls that we’ve been trying to inspire writing [to] us and saying 'I had so much respect for you and now you’re a porn star. How could I respect you?'" Chambers said. 

The U.K. has a law against posting revenge porn, which went into effect in April. While it was too late for Chambers to go after her ex on those grounds, she is filing civil charges based on monetary loss and is waiting to see if the criminal charges she filed will go through.

Chambers hopes that her actions will inspire other victims to confront those who intend to humiliate and control them by posting revenge porn. 

"When I first saw the videos I felt I'd been stripped of my dignity. It was like I'd been hit in the chest and couldn't catch my breath," Chambers said, adding that she hasn't spoken publicly about her actions until now because of the police investigation. "Two years later the investigation is still ongoing and I've decided to finally speak out. Two years is a long time not to be able to speak up for yourself."


Photo Credit: YouTube