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We've collected some incredible recipes and made some amazing holiday meals over the years. It's actually kinda tough to choose a favorite, but we managed to persevere! Now you get to reap the benefits.

Here are our favorite holiday recipes you can, and should, make this season...

Eggnog is a holiday classic - but did you know it is really versatile? We've teamed up with AE Dairy to create recipes that combine eggnog with other holiday flavors for amazing desserts that simply taste like Christmas.

Mint is another classic holiday flavor, and it works so well in this double mint sundae that's so scrumptious, we don't even care if it's too cold for ice cream.

These spiced sugar cookies are yet another classic that are as fun to make as they are to eat - have your kids or nieces and nephews help you out!
Every party gets better with the addition of some awesome snacks, and these finger food recipes are as easy as they are delicious.

You don't have to sacrifice healthiness for flavor with these low fat versions of traditional holiday side dishes or low calorie holiday desserts.

An easy cocktail recipe is just the ticket after preparing a holiday feast, but this champagne pomegranate punch is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Wrap up the evening with a fancy coffee or tea.

One of the best things about the holidays is all the delicious food - from designing your menus, discovering fantastic new recipes, or making your family's tried and true favorites, it's all about the food and the memories we make along with it.




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