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Disney fans have been calling for more diverse characters and princesses in their favorite animated films for years. Instead of waiting for Disney to release a new movie, one woman took matters into her own artistic hands. 

Brazilian artist and Tumblr user juliajm15 drew racially different versions of the Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa. These beautiful drawings paint the picture of how the beauty of diversity is important for children and adults to see in their favorite Disney characters. The results are incredible and have received amazing and positive feedback. But she didn’t just stop at Frozen! She also drew different race versions of characters from Brave and Tarzan

Check out these creative drawings of Anna and Elsa, Brave's Princess Merida as biracial and Tarzan's Jane as a Latina.





What other Disney characters would you love to see reimagined? 

Photo Credit: JuliaJm15.tumblr.com

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