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10 Fun and Frugal Gift Ideas

Most parents believe that their children will appreciate an expensive gift more than an inexpensive gift.  But the truth is, aside from electronics, shoes and clothes, kids don't really care. And in some cases they may even cherish your inexpensive yet carefully planned gift over a long desired expensive one.

For example a $25 dollar junior microscope set complete with vials, glass sides and sample bacteria would be more fun to a child into insects than a pair of $200 dollars tennis shoes.  Even though he understands the value of the tennis shoes and would certainly enjoy showing them off at school, he would appreciate the microscope more because it's something he can use for his hobby.  And in this case the cost of the gift wasn't even a factor making it a favorite.

Stop wasting money on expensive gifts for kids when you don't have to, use a little creativity, forethought, and consideration to save money by finding the ideal inexpensive presents for kids.  Here are a few frugal gift ideas for kids that believe it or not impact them greatly.

  • Books and Crafts - Books and crafts are great gifts to give to children for any occasions. Especially if the books or crafts relate to something the child is into like a book on how to build a model air plane from toothpicks or a book on the history of air planes, if the child is into air planes.
  • Music- buying your child a CD of their favorite musical group or singer is a great gift that doesn't cost much and they'll play it every chance they get.
  • Movie - DVD's are a terrific gift idea for kids that are inexpensive. All it takes is a little investigative work to find out your child's favorite movie and buy it. Not only well they love it but they'll appreciate it more.
  • Memorabilia - this is a great gift for kids that's cheap and they'll enjoy it immensely. A memorabilia gift is anything from; posters, pictures, T-shirts, hats and caps, book covers etc., which has a photo of their favorite actress, actor, singer or musical group on it. Even their favorite cartoon characters like tweedy, bugs bunny or Mickey Mouse are good choices in cheap gifts.
  • Novelty clothes - novelty clothing is different from fashions and is much cheaper. Novelty clothing like pajama sets, knock off sports jerseys, Digital photo T-shirts and cool house slippers. Even gloved socks with matching scarf, beanie and mittens are cool inexpensive gifts kids will enjoy.
  • Board Games - No kid can resist a good ole' fashion board game like Monopoly, Trouble, Shute's and Ladders or life. The best part is you can enjoy the cheap prices of these board games.
  • Card games- What about card games like Uno, Matching cards and even flash card games make the perfect kids' gift that's cheap?
  • Jinga - This is a great game for the entire family that's cheap but also the perfect gift for kids.
  • Gardening kits - Smaller children enjoy tending to the garden and grass like mom. So why not get them something to really tend to like a Chia pet or kiddy flower garden kit. You can put your own gardening kit together for little investment.  These are inexpensive presents for kids with a knack for gardening they will love.
  • Puzzles and Puzzles books - Occupy the kid's minds and challenge them to cheap presents for kids like jigsaw puzzles, crossword and Sudoku puzzle books, also word puzzles and word search books are other frugal gift idea's for kids.

Finding the right gift for a child that is inexpensive, practical and thoughtful really isn't that hard.  When you put a little thought into it coupled with a little creativity and fortitude, saving a little money on inexpensive gifts for kids can be quite rewarding for everyone.

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