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Go on a wild safari full of cool bugs and big cats- all during your everyday lunch time.

Womensforum is teaming up with Del Monte to turn yours favorite Fruit Cup snack (now made with real fruit juice) into a "roar" of a good time that makes for the perfect "In The Wild" lunchbox. 

Download the template below to turn your fruit cup into a purrfectly good lion character. Using felt or construction paper, cut out the two circles, tail, and ears. Cut slits all around the two manes to create a fringed hair look. Tape or glue the triangle part of the tail (that's been cut out using black felt or paper) to the long rectangle part. Eyes and a smile finish this cool cat's look!


Pair your lion fruit cup with cherry tomato and carrot bugs, snap pea and pepper dragonflies, butterfly pretzel chips, and protein-packed hummus.

 DelmonteFruitCups LionClose

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