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Full Lips Without Injections

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full_lips_without_injectionsHow To Have Naturally Full Lips

Bee stung looking lips are the “in” thing now while Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie have set the bar high to have sexy, sultry lips. Many of us desire that same pouty pucker but some are afraid of the pain that goes along with the lip injections or maybe even more we fear the price  of the procedures that require repeated visits to maintain. 

Also, we may have all seen what a lip injections gone bad looks like.  Not pretty! However, enhancing your lips can greatly improve your appearance and give a boost to your self esteem. Fuller lips can help balance out the face for some and create a softened, more feminine facial structure appearance. Fortunately, there are numerous products available to achieve full lips without injections.

How to Have Naturally Full Lips

Many do go the route of having pricey and painful injections to achieve this look. Unfortunately, these results are not permanent, only lasting a few months. Repeated visits are generally required. Some who choose to receive injections are not happy with the outcome as they can turn out uneven or unnatural looking, while some individuals may even experience an allergic reaction to the injection. Fortunately, there are other options available to produce the desired full lips.

Take Care of You Lips Like They Are the Only Ones You Have

Lips are at their all time best when fully moisturized. When lips are dry they tend to chap and crack, making them look thinner. Lips need to stay hydrated and moisturized. One way to accomplish this is by taking a small amount of Vaseline and apply to lips. Then take a hot towel and press to lips, swiping them gently side to side, removing loose skin. After dead skin is removed, reapply moisture.

Careful Application of Make Up Enhances Lips

To make lips appear fuller, take a lip liner that matches close to color of your lips and lipstick, and line around the outer part of your lips. Next, take a lip brush and apply lipstick working from the middle and blending in with liner. Your last step is to take a lip gloss that matches liner and lipstick and apply to center of lips.

Specialty Makeup and Tips

There are many natural lip enhancers on the market today. Some obviously work better than others. Natural lip enhancers create fuller lips by irritating the outer layer of cells, which results in a swelled and deeper color appearance. There are two basic types of lip plumper’s. The first type is the least expensive. Although it can give immediate results, the affects are short lived. For the most part, these enhancers work great and produce results through the use of spices like ginger and cinnamon of which give a tingly feeling. However, you should not expect to much out of them long term.

The Lip Plumper Rage is For Real

The other type of lip plumper is more high end and tends to be a bit more expensive. However, they do give truer results that will last longer and usually are non-stinging. They are capable of providing both instantaneous and ongoing benefits. Results are obtained through peptide technology, hyaluronic acid production, or the use of dehydrated marine collagen.  Reviews of this lip plumper acclaim it to be non-sticky, smooth and hydrating. It comes in clear as well as a variety of different shades.

Plumper Pumps, Yup

Many employ the use of an enlargement pump to attain full lips without injections. Results gained from using a pump will usually last a few hours. They work through a suction technique as it pulls the lip out and causes fluid to be pulled in, creating substantial improvement in fullness of lips. When beginning to use a lip plumper, start out slowly. If used too much or used forcefully, bruising can occur. Suction should never feel unpleasant. If it's painful, decrease suction until it feels more comfortable.

Technology and science have made it possible to achieve many things. For those of us with frail thin lips, its nice to know there are ways we can acquire those big lush Hollywood pouts without painful and costly injections.

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