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Kids Fun Pirate Crafts, Making a Pirate Spyglass

The movies and television interests generated lots of pirate lore for kids to emulate an these days girls and boys alike of all ages love to play any game that harkens of the pirate days. Needless to say, it is a great way to improve their imagination skills. They can even pretend that they are clear out at sea with this simple and easy pirate spyglass telescope. They can pretend to look for more ships to steal bounty from. Here are the basic materials that you are going to need to make this great pirate craft spyglass for your own child.


  1. Paper tube-(one from a paper towel roll will do just fine)

  2. Construction paper in a wide variety of different colors

  3. Glue

  4. Plastic Wrap

  5. Tape

  6. Stuff such as stickers and things to decorate their spyglass with

  • To begin you are going to need a small square of plastic wrap to cover one end of the paper tube. Place the plastic wrap on one end and secure it tightly into place with tape. This is what creates the glass lens for your cool priate spyglass. Do not worry however if your child does not get this in place just right they will be covering up the tape later with their construction paper.
  • Now your child is going to want to choose the color of construction paper that they want to use. Once they have done that you can help them to wrap the paper around the tube and secure it in place with glue. You can also add a yellow strip of paper around the end that contains the plastic wrap so that it will appear more life like.
  • Thats it, now your child's homemade pirate spyglass is complete and ready for decorating. Let your child do this on their own to encourage their creativity. They can use stickers, glitter, or even colors. No matter what they use it will be something that they did on their own which will give them a sense of pride.
  • Once they have their spyglass finished allow it to dry then let the adventure begin. You can even help your child create a pirate hat and a Pirate eye patch to go along with their spyglass. All they will need to do then is learn the lingo of the pirate and they will be well on their way to hours of great fun.

Crafts are fun for kids of all ages and it allows them to express their creativity. The pirate craft still remains the most popular and allows your child not only to practice their creativity but also their imagination as well. Go ahead and help them create their very own pirate spyglass today it will be a great way for you and your child to spend some quality time together.

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