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funny-fathers-day-cardsFunny Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is fast approaching and it is time to start planning for that perfect funny Fathers Day card. However, finding that one perfect card is often more difficult than finding your dad the perfect gift.  You may read twenty before you find just the card.  But it's worth it!

Find the Best Father's Day Card to Fit the Man

There are a variety of different types of funny cards that you will be able to choose from for your own dad.

1. Find the Best Father's Day Card at a Local Greeting Card Store

One of the best places to look for that perfect funny Father's Day Cardwould be your local greeting card store. Here, you will be able to find all sorts of cards that will be able to create that perfect smile on your fathers face. Of these cards probably one of the most popular lines would be the Shoebox Greetings. However, choosing this approach can be time consuming and tedious. You may quickly find yourself with several different cards and no idea which one to choose. They are always funny and will surely bring a chuckle.

2. Design Your Own Father's Day Card

Another great place that you can search would be through your favorite card software. With a lot of the software that is available you will be able to either choose a pre-made pattern or create a card of your own using the various types of clipart that is available. You can also download templates from online as well that will help you to create the perfect card. The great thing about these cards is that you will be able to personalize them in any way you would like.

3. Consider an E-Card for Father's Day

If you happen to live miles away from your dad on Fathers Daythen you may want to consider an E-Card. There are a variety of different sites online that will help you locate the perfect E-card. Some of these sites include BlueMountain and Hallmark, among others. All you need to do is search for funny Fathers Day cards and you will be amazed at the amount of results that you will see. It will surely bring a smile to your dad's face when he opens his email to see a funny Fathers Day card from you.

4. Help the Kids Create a Card for Their Father

If you happen to be helping younger children find the perfect silly Father's Day card why not help them create their own? You can help them decorate it with all kinds of different things such as stickers and pictures. All it takes is some construction paper and a creative mind. You can even help them create a funny saying to go on the inside of the card.  Kids after all, say the darndest things.  Just quote them verbatim and you'll have the best possible card you could find.  As far as the actual decorating of the card, you should however, encourage the child's creativity and allow him or her to create most of the card themselves. This homemade faher's day cardwill give them a sense of pride when they give it to their dad knowing that they made it all by themselves.

Father's day is a time to show your dad how much you love and appreciate all that he has done for you. But not all things about Father's Day need to be serious so, why not choose a perfect funny Fathers Day card today. You will feel special in knowing that you have brought a smile to your dad's face on his special day.

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