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Photo Credit: YouTube

If you think you can challenge a Disney villain and win... think again.

"You think you're pretty strong?" Blake Platt, a Disney World visitor, asks Gaston on this now viral YouTube video. "I think I'm stronger than you."

And Gaston, well a guy working and dressed up like Gaston at the park, laughs back and accepts the challenge... and by the look of his (fake or real?) muscular build, this could get interesting... 

In the video it appears as if Platt might be victorious... then he quickly loses steam and turns red in the face once Gaston gets into his epic one-arm push-up stance. 

"It looks like he's struggling — perhaps he needs a hand!" Gaston taunts, launching into a series of rapid one-arm push-ups.

The Gaston at this particular Disney park  endures a lot of criticism from the crowd. In a YouTube video posted weeks earlier, a young girl is seen taunting him saying, "The Beast is my favorite character!" 

Luckily for Gaston, the Beast was not there to challenge him to another push-up contest. 

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