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Sponsored by Hot Wheels

Your son loves everything about his toy cars. Their bright colors, their cool shapes and designs, and especially the way he can race them against each other in all sorts of creative and competitive scenarios. Therefore, we think he might really love the Hot Wheels® Ultimate Garage. It might just be the perfect home for his Hot Wheels collection - and it will almost definitely be his favorite present this holiday season.CMP80 01

This massive multi-level garage features parking spots that can showcase thirty-six cars, but really, this toy is far more than just the biggest garage ever created by Hot Wheels. In fact, it's really a launching pad for all sorts of incredible air, land, and sea adventures that can be dreamed up and acted out across multiple action zones.

There’s a rescue helicopter awaiting future missions in helipad on top of the garage, complete with a light up fire engine bell that sounds when someone or something needs your son to come to the rescue. On the ground level, there’s a attached pier where your son can make waves - but cars coming in at the ground level had better beware of the chomping shark that lurks just outside the garage off of the sea-nic pier! 

On land, there’s two elevators, a spiral ramp, and two racing ramps set in the middle of a classic city scene, where your son can pit his race cars against each other in a side by side challenge to see which is the fastest. A built-in Speed City tune-up shop and a gas station complete the race track experience.

It’s not just about the garage itself, though. Your kid will need the vehicles to fill it up! As the biggest Hot Wheels Garage ever, the Ultimate Garage includes five Hot Wheels vehicles and the aforementioned rescue helicopter, and it also connects to other track and play sets (sold separately) that allows your kids to build an entire world of Hot Wheels fun and adventure.

The gigantic Ultimate Garage might be the ultimate Hot Wheels gift for the budding race car driver or engineer in your life this holiday season, which is why we chose it as one of the toys that your boys will most want to see under the tree. 



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