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Photo Credit: YouTube

Domestic violence is not something we face lightheartedly. And in a recent social experiment where young boys were asked to essentially slap a girl, the results will astound you.

Video journalist Luca Lavarone conducted an experiment on children under the age of eleven and over the age of six. Lavarone asked the boys a series of questions as they stood next to a young girl.

He asked the boys to tell her what they like about her and to caress her. This led to awkward, boyish smiles and cute answers such as "I like her eyes" and "I'd like to be your boyfriend."

Finally, what seems like out of no where, Lavarone told the boys to slap the girl... click to see what happened. 

Lavarone uses a forceful tone and yet all the boys held back, thinking about what they were being asked to do.

The Italian media company created the video to highlight that bad habits can be taught at an early age. The boys all seem confused and unsure what to do when they are told to slap the young girl.

When explaining why they wouldn't do it, the boys replied "I don't want to hurt her," "Because you're not supposed to hit girls," and "As the saying goes: girls shouldn't be hit, not even with a flower."

And maybe the best answer? "Why? Because I'm a man." 

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