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Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in extra time. 

The two best teams of the tournament took the World Cup final into extra time at Rio de Janeiro's Maracana stadium. Germany was pushing to achieve its fourth World Cup title. Argentina with the incredible Lionel Messi also pushed hard for victory. The world waited anxiously as 90 minutes went by without a goal... 

And then the German team proved themselves to their home and the world with one goal at the 122 minute mark. Though the country has won four World Cup titles, this had been the first since 1990. Thus the current German team had yet to lay their hands and eyes on a title until now.

It was an intense game between two teams who have some history. The 1990 title, the last one Germany had won till now, well that was a win over Argentina. At the previous World Cup, Argentina beat West Germany to get the Cup. Also, Argentina was taken out by Germany in each of the last two tournaments. See what we mean about history?

We've become a fan of describing these epic moments of the World Cup via social media...so let's continue.

Today's game began with someone we can all appreciate - Shakira! She really worked it, putting on a sizzling performance of "Dare" that could brighten up even the saddest of Brazilian fan.  


As the game got busy, Messi showed he meant business with a lengthy run...but it ended up not getting any goal. Still, had us holding our breath for a second. 

We saw quite a few intense head injuries and close calls during this World Cup final. Christoph Kramer, who replaced midfielder Sami Khedir and was making his first start for Germany in the final, got a nasty one to the head. He looked a bit off 30 minutes in and came off the field for good. 


This one may still be sore for Argentina. Gonzalo Higuaín made a goal off a pass from Messi but it was called back as offsides within the first half hour. So close...


Argentina had another heartbreaking moment in the 47th minute when Messi was almost able to make a goal. 

Remember when we mentioned head injuries...here's another. 


So...the game went on...and on. With no goals...and still no goals. But the final was everything one could want in a final! As things went into extra time, we thought...


During the games, we got some interesting insight from celebs...






As extra time went on, it was obvious players were reaching exasperated points - understandably so. Then...Germany substitute Mario Götze got in a late goal! The goal that would ultimately gain Germany it's World Cup victory. 



We have to say though Argentina and Messi himself definitely took the team incredibly far. Though they fell short in the end, they put on one heck of a show.


Germany, congratulations! It looks like Katy Perry is going to help you celebrate...



Photo Credit: Twitter 

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