get-clean-without-showeringCheck Out These Ways to Freshen Up Without a Shower.

There are times when life gets so busy that you may not have time for a shower, but there are ways to get clean and freshen up without showering. Maybe you have somewhere to be right after work or a full day during the weekend of kid-related activities. So, how can you freshen up without a shower?

Check out these tips on freshening up and go from Miss Messy to Miss Freshy.

Freshen Up Your Body 

Get clean without showering by bringing these items in your purse or workbag and use them before the next thing on your agenda. 

  1. ADULT WASHCLOTHS: Adult washcloths are available at your local convenience store. They have a light fresh scent and you can use them all over your body to wipe away sweat or just freshen up. 
  2. BODY MIST AND DEODORANT: Deodorant is easy to carry with you; you can even buy mini ones. Body mist is better to use than strong perfume. A light body mist will make you smell fresh rather than clothed in strong perfume. 
  3. FEMININE WIPES: Your lady parts want a little freshening up too! You can find different brands of feminine wipes in the feminine care aisle at your grocery store or convenience store. They come in small packages so they’re easy and discrete to take with you.

Freshen Up Your Face and Hair 

After you’ve freshened up your body, try these options to get your skin and hair clean without showering. 

  1. TONER AND CLEANSING PADS: Alcohol-free toner is a great way to freshen up. It usually has a light scent and you just pour some onto a cotton ball and wipe all over your face. Cleansing pads are good if you want to remove all your makeup, and re-do it.
  2. OIL ABSORBING SHEETS: There are many brand name products that sell these sheets and can be purchased in any convenience store. The package is small enough to fit in your purse and you just take one out and dab areas like cheeks, chin, forehead, etc. 
  3. POWDER COVER-UP: Powder is lighter than cream foundation. Plus it will help cover up shine. 
  4. DRY SHAMPOO: Dry shampoo is available in powder or spray form. Massage through your hair and brush it out and no water is necessary. If you can't find a good dry shampoo you like, try baby powder with corn starch! Dust a little in your palms and work your way through your roots, focusing on the hairs around your face. Use a small amount though, or your hair will be a little too white! *TIP: Baby powder works best for blondes or light-colored hair.

Use these tips to get clean without showering when you are on the go. Pack some of these items when you know you’ll have no time for a shower. Life’s busy and you wouldn’t have it any other way, but you can still feel and look good despite a busy schedule.

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