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Sitting down and eating a delicious meal can make a person’s day. But standing up and making that delicious meal is a whole other story. Thanks to the rising popularity of digital applications, there are a variety of cooking apps that will make creating that yummy meal so much easier. Here are four apps that will make your cooking experience a piece of cake.

How To Cook Everything



How To Cook Everything takes recipe books into the future. Based on the best-selling book by the same name, this app offers over 2,000 recipes. The app’s creator Mark Bittman has grown famous for his no-nonsense cooking personality, and is arguably the Julia Child of the 2000’s.





Converting measuring units can be intimidating and can ruin your meal. Although Amount can convert anything, the food world is praising it’s cooking feature. Now there is no reason to put too much butter in that soufflé.






Foodies with allergies, special diets and picky eaters, rejoice! Substitutions does what exactly it states in it’s name. The app offers every food substitution in the book! This app is especially great when you’re cooking, and you realize you’re out of that special ingredient.





The app's page states: “it only does one thing, but does it well.” Thyme houses multiple kitchen timers, but all in one place. This makes multi-tasking no big deal, and makes big events like Thanksgiving dinner more manageable.

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