White Specks on My Little Black Dress

The reasons for not being able to shake that dandruff are varied. It can be anything from not washing the hair correctly, to more serious skin conditions.  Understand the roots of the problem and get dandruff under control.  The main cause of dandruff is impairment to your general health. If you are sick with an influenza virus or just have a generalized fever because of infection, dandruff can result. If you have a penchant for fast and other fatty foods, you may develop dandruff due to poor nutrition. Toxins building up in the blood can also cause the scalp to flake. Other issues can be constipation, and, again, loss of energy due to infectious diseases. What is your mental state? Are you often depressed and anxious? These conditions can cause the scalp to dry and flake. Long term exposure to cold and prolonged sleep deprivation can also add to dandruff issues. So when you find yourself saying, "Little white specks! Off! How do I ever get dandruff under control?"

Take heed on the best cures, don't just treat the symptoms.  There are many answers to this question first you have to determine the cause. If you are using harsh shampoos, get something that is more gentle and helps replenish the skin's natural oils. If the shampoo is medicated and soothing you may need to consult your diet. Are you eating properly. Poor nutrition can cause everything from fatigue to loose teeth, and it can also lead to a dry, itchy scalp. Since fighting dandruff's little white uncontrolled specks may take more than your layperson's know how, a doctor may need to be part of the discussion to cure your dandruff control problem. He may give you antibiotics for a particularly persistent cold. The doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist for an evaluation of your depression or anxiety. But don't think of the harshest reasons first. Most dandruff is caused by a naturally dry scalp. Heredity is much more daunting than stress.

There are tow main ingredients in dandruff shampoos. Pyrithione zinc is used in Suave Dandruff Control, Pert Plus Dandruff Control, Head & Shoulders. This particular element has been found to be lacking in people who have chronic dandruff. Selenium sulfide (which is one of the main ingredients in Selsun Blue) has been found to have a positive dandruff fighting capability. Varying between these types of shampoos will usually work. However, if you have persistent uncontrolled dandruff you may need to obtain a prescription strength shampoo from your doctor. Most of them contain Ketoconazole.

These methods have been proven to control most dandruff. If you still have problems with out of control dandruff go and have a thorough checkup.  Do it now.  There is no reason in the world you can't get that dandruff under control.

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