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get-in-your-best-shapeMaking a personal goal to get in shape does not have to be difficult. We have some tips to help busy moms achieve the goal of creating a healthy lifestyle.

At one point in our lives we all say we are going to do it. After our children are born, most of us focus on getting in the best shape possible. However, many of us have a hard time reaching our personal weight loss goals or do not even know how to get started.

We spoke with Venetia Houser, mother of two and a health coach who is competing in the Titan Grand Prix Fitness Competition this weekend in Culver City, California, and discussed the top three factors that will help you to get in shape.

“Knowing you want to do something is not enough; knowing you can do something is what makes the difference. Believe in yourself,” says Houser. 


The most important factor is support, surrounding yourself with people you can lean on. Making a lifestyle change is a serious commitment and it is important to include people around you who support the commitment you are choosing to make. Support can be found in all places, even where you least expect it. This can include family, friends, a weight loss team, or co-workers.

Believing in Yourself

A large part in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals is believing in yourself. Having the proper mental mind set is very important; If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, it will make them incredibly hard to reach. It is also important not to compare yourself to others, which can be incredibly easy to do with today’s social media outlets. Keep your personal goals in mind and focus on yourself. It is a time to do something for you outside of being a wife and mother.

Create an Action Plan

Lastly, it is important to create a plan for success that includes diet and fitness. Developing a plan of how to make diet and exercise a priority is imperative to make it a lifestyle change that will stick. Creating a plan for yourself of your goals will help you to map out exactly which road to take that is right for you.

“If you said you were going to drive to New York City without a map, it would be nearly impossible to find your way there. However, with a map on how to make it to New York, anyone can make it,” explains Houser.

We all lead busy lives; it can be easy to lose ourselves in our daily lives of work and home. Not losing your identity in those titles is important, and in turn can help us all to be better mothers and wives. 

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