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Having short term and long term goals are important for growth, but at times it’s difficult to stay motivated and feel as if you want and can achieve them.

It is easier to achieve your goals when you’re motivated and know WHY you want to achieve them. When you know why you want to achieve your goal, it’s easier to figure out HOW you’re going to do it.

Here are some quick tips to help you get motivated!

Make a checklist and know your goals. It’s so important to know your goals and to be specific as possible.  Figure out what goals you want to achieve and then make a checklist. This will make it easier to track your progress. Is your goal to work out at least four times a week? Mark those days on your calendar the week before and include the time you’re planning on going to make it concrete. This is now a planned part of your daily life and you’re more likely to go if it’s something you have scheduled the time for.

Get a workout buddy or accountability partner. Working out becomes so much easier when you have someone going through it with you! Motivate each other to stick to your goals. Knowing that someone else is counting on you for motivation is a great way to make sure you stay on track. Keep your word and meet them at the gym. You two will be able to boost each other up when someone is feeling lazy. If you’re unable to find a workout buddy, it’s okay! Find an accountability partner - a friend, family member, or anyone that will check in on you to make sure that you’re staying on track of your fitness goals and workout times.

View working out as a stress release. Many view working out as a stressful part of the day, something that you have to do to be healthy. STOP thinking this way! View working out as a stress release. Something that you’re doing for yourself because you know you will feel great afterwards. It can help you clear your mind and you’ll feel so happy knowing that you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

Be aware of music. Music is proven to affect our moods. It can lift us up and get us pumped up with the right lyrics and a great beat! Since music can have such a powerful affect on our emotions, consider what you are listening to when you have a goal in mind and want to take action. Choose music that is appropriate for your workout and it will motivate you to do your best! Listen to calm and soothing music when you do yoga, or a recent dance hit to pump you through some cardio! Come up with a few personal playlists and switch between them so you won’t get bored. You can play them in the morning and when you’re getting ready for your workout. When you pick music based on how you want to feel, you can make your life a much more soundtrack.

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