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get-one-week-down-get-one-big-step-up-ladderLadders do something amazing.

They help us get somewhere we can’t reach from where we are now. Yet, in a few small comfortable steps, we’re there. When you’re at the start off on an exercise effort or a project, how can you use the ladder approach to get yourself somewhere you can’t reach today?

After just a week of #33minutes, I can already feel a difference. I’m off the ground and onto the first step. I’ve gone from no exercise to any kind of exercise.

I remember a time long, long ago when I wasn’t exercising (last week). The idea of exercising even seven days straight was out of my reach. But each day I took a step. Each step itself wasn’t too hard.

I read a book.

I went to a birthday party.

I thought of people I am cheering for. And of course in hindsight, it was easy.

So this week, knowing that I have a full agenda, I’m going to find ways to mix work into my workouts. For someone as work-motivated as I am, this is a great way to be inspired to exercise.

Join me in building your own ladder. What step are you on? For more on laddering, check out Ladder Yourself Up

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