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Photo Credit: Tumblr

Today in news that may make you feel old... The Goonies will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary of hitting the big screen. In much better news, while the cast may have aged, the town The Goonies was filmed in has stayed nearly the same. That means that yes, you can go see Mikey's house in person and go explore the bowling alley that Chunk throws his pizza and milkshake at, which is now The Oregon Film Museum.

Roadtrippers.com recently posted a guide to visiting all of the filming locations in The Goonies, so if you ever happen to find yourself in Astoria, Oregon you can spend the day recreating your favorite scenes. Because let's be real - there's no way you're not going to post a Vine of yourself attempting the truffle shuffle outside the actual Goonies house.

Do remember that real people live in these houses, though, so make sure to be respectful...


Photo Credit: Giphy

If just a quick visit to the sites aren't enough for you, make sure to grab tickets to The Goonies 30th Anniversary Celebration hosted by the town. The 4-day event features a ton of activities and even a few guest appearances from cast members and people who worked on the film. Goonies Day is officially June 7, so if you can't make it to Oregon, you can celebrate by going on your own treasure hunt and discovering pirate treasure or by just popping the movie into your DVD player if you're feeling somewhat more casual. 

Now who's ready for a road trip? We'll meet you in Oregon!


Photo Credit: Giphy

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