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get-rid-of-belly-bloatEliminate Water Retention.

We've all experienced water retention.  And ladies, I think we can all agree that retaining water is not fun. Waking up in the morning to puffy eyes, a swollen face and the inability to put our rings on is enough to make us want to cry, go back to bed and chalk it up as a really, really bad dream. 

To say retaining water is alarming is an understatement. Suddenly our jeans are tight and our shoes are too small.  We don't recognize that puffy face in the mirror. And to add insult to injury, our stomachs look bloated as we struggle to bend our fingers.

But the fact is, water retention happens for a number of reasons and there are ways to reduce water retention. Here are some practical ways to rid yourself of water retention.

What is Water Retention?

Water retention is most prevalent during parts of our cycles that prepare us for menstruation. And if the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS aren't bad enough, water retention is enough to push us over the edge, so to speak. There is a nasty but needed hormone that plays a part in our propensity to retain water, called aldosterone. As our estrogen levels rise during our cycles, this stinker causes our kidneys to keep fluids, making that nasty scale expose pounds gained and making us cry even harder than we already are. 

But rest assured, those pounds are water weight. Other causes of water retention could be due to kidney or liver problems, heart problems or thyroid issues, along with eating food with too much salt. 

Here are some tips to stave off water retention.

How to Get Rid of Belly Bloat

  • Watch your salt intake. If your recipe calls for salt, leave it out and use pepper or another spice instead. In addition, shun processed foods and fast foods, which are loaded with salt.
  • Embrace fruit! Bananas are the fruit of choice in preventing water retention. The potassium that bananas contain helps the kidneys flush out the water, helping you to feel human again. If you cannot stomach bananas, instead opt for raisins.
  • Ice, ice, baby. If your ankles are swollen, elevate them and put ice packs on them. If your eyes tend to be puffy, put your eye cream in the refrigerator over night and apply the cool cream to your lids and under-eye area in the morning.
  • Take advantage of the natural diuretic. Eat low-calorie coleslaw or incorporate cabbage into your diet. Drink cranberry juice (the real stuff, not the sugar-loaded type). All of these foods will help you eliminate water weight.
  • Eat yogurt. Oftentimes, the reason we are bloated is because we have indulged in rich foods that have caused our stomachs to distend. Eating yogurt will put the good bacteria in your stomach and get things moving, so to speak.
  • Drink water throughout the day. Eight to ten glasses of water is recommended, and even more if you exercise. Throw a slice of lemon or lime in that water as you sip on it throughout the day to add a little flavor and jump start a good flush. You can also add ginger, cucumber, or mint to your water. All help with weight loss and water retention.
  • Increase your vitamin intake of vitamin C and A, in addition to calcium and magnesium. All will help in getting rid of water weight.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Alcoholic drinks dehydrate, making your body think it needs to keep the water that it has.  Smoking can also make you puffy.  Forego junk food and instead, eat six small meals a day. 
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