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Get Short Hair This Holiday Season

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get-short-hair-this-holiday-seasonLooking to add a new flair to your style this holiday season? Well... look no further!

It seems to be a new trend among celebs to free themselves of long locks and go for a pixie haircut. Anne Hathaway’s head was actually shaved on camera in Les Miserables (the old woman cutting her hair off was actually a male hair dresser is disguise!), and she looks as beautiful as ever. Carey Mulligan, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, and now Beyoncé are all currently rocking short hair.

Benefits of Short Hair

Imagine being the talk of the Thanksgiving dinner table with a new pixie cut! I chopped my well-past shoulder-length hair off this past April and could not be happier that I just made the decision and went for it.

anne-hathaway-les-miserable-ORINALSIZEIt’s oddly liberating. When I first got my short haircut, I felt like I had to do something with it for my morning routine. I used pomade to try to style for about a month, and then realized I could just use a $1 spray bottle of water that I bought at a drug store. It works at getting rid of any and all bed head. And, it was so cheap! Now it takes me less than 2 minutes to do my hair every morning!

I also don’t have to use nearly as much shampoo or conditioner as I used to, which means I don’t have to buy them as often. Use that extra cash that piles up every few months to buy yourself something nice! Or, use it towards gifts for loved ones this upcoming holiday season. 

Short hair is also incredibly easy for traveling. I think I was able to cut my shower time in half. Imagine staying at your parent’s house over the holidays with tons of kids, siblings, aunt, uncles, and cousins always in the house or running around. There’s always someone in the bathroom. With short hair you can take quick showers and take almost no time to do your hair. It's a great way to get away from the bathroom chaos and conserve water! 

You can also make a game out of it. Don’t warn anyone that you’re going to cut your hair and see who has the best reaction when the whole extended family gets together for thanksgiving or the winter holidays. 

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll look great. 

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