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We all get the sniffles from time to time. But if your eyes and nose are constantly streaming it could be something more than a seasonal cold or allergy!

If the problem persists throughout the year, it could be sinusitis, a condition that is responsible for 58 million sick days from work each year, at an annual cost of $8 billion. 

However, the issue is more common than you may think. One in three Americans suffer with sinusitis, with 73 percent of sufferers being female.

Not sure how to determine whether sinusitis is the cause of your sniffles? Dr. Robert Guida, one of New York Magazine's "Best Doctors in NY" shares insight on how you can help identify what's going on...

Check Your Handkerchief

While inspecting the contents of your handkerchief may not sound super-glam, it's essential to help understand what's going on with your body. If the secretions are clear, It's likely an allergy is the cause of your runny nose. If the secretions are a greenish-yellow hue, it's likely an infection or sinusitis is the culprit. Be sure to make an appointment with your doctor for a true diagnosis.

Pay Attention to the Time-Scale

Common colds and allergy attacks usually last for a week, if you've had a runny/stuffy nose and aches and pains for longer than 7 days (up to 10 days) with attacks of twice or more, it's likely you have sinusitis.

Accompanying Face Pain

When the sinus cavities are blocked (due to swelling of the tissues that usually facilitate the drainage of mucous, which cleanses the nose and throat of bacteria, viruses and pollutants), the fluid gets trapped, usually leading to infections, strong pains in the face and mind-numbing toothaches.

Visit Your Doctor for Treatment

If over the counter medicines aren't improving the condition (they are only effective in about 40 percent of patients) visit your doctor for appropriate treatment. One of the latest options to treat sinusitis with Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, during which a tiny camera is guided into the nasal passages. It takes approximately 45 minutes and allows the doctor to remove diseased tissue with incredible accuracy. 

Dr. Robert Guida, one of New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors in NY” and regularly listed as one of the prestigious Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors, is one of only three or four physicians in New York who owns the image guided surgical navigation system, allowing him to perform the surgeries safely right in his office. He is available to comment on aesthetic as well as functional surgeries.

For more information and treatment options for conditions including chronic sinusitis, please visit: drguida.com/category/sinusitus

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