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getting-a-handle-on-your-timeFive Ways to Simplify Your Life Today 

In this world of multitasking and media overload, time management can be a constant struggle for many of us. With packed schedules and a proclivity to procrastinate, it's all too easy to get overwhelmed. An inability to manage time effectively can quickly ruin your confidence and productivity. This New Year, getting a handle on your time is crucial, and you can tame the scheduling mayhem with these five ways to simplify your life today.  

Time Management Tips

Creating a schedule doesn't have to become yet another task on the list of things you have to do. Make it easier on yourself with these five ways to simplify your life today.  

1. Track your Time

Keep a journal for a few days noting how your time is spent. Be honest so that you can get a clear idea of how to organize time better. What tasks need more of your attention, and what things can be cut out? For example, how much time did you spending browsing the internet or watching TV as opposed to working on tasks?  

2. Prioritize

Decide which things on the never-ending to do list are urgent and then work on the most important and pressing things first. Effective time management begins with the ability to prioritize. Things that are not as urgent can wait a day or two or be separated into smaller tasks, while there are some things that you may be able to cut out altogether.

3. Use Time Management Tools

Experiment with different time management tools and find one that works best for you. There are many options for organizing your day, from online calendarsthat are accessible from your smartphone to more traditional paper day planners.

4. Just Say No

It's easy to become overwhelmed when you are doing everything for everyone. Saying "no" can be hard to do, but as you thoughtfully decide where your time is best spent, respect your schedule by saying no to things that just won't fit. You can also take some stuff off of an already full plate by delegating. Are your kids old enough to do the dishes and fold their own laundry? Then expect them to do so.

5. Schedule Time for Relaxation and Pleasure

If every hour in your planner is filled with meetings, appointments, errands and tasks, burnout is inevitable. Make sure you have time to spend with your loved ones and also schedule time to spend on yourself. You can block off an hour or two just for you without guilt.

Nothing feels quite like checking off boxes on a to do list, and effective time management is the key to feeling less stress and becoming more productive. As you start revamping your schedule, remember to be flexible and gentle with yourself. Some days you'll be able to stick to your priorities and others might not go as well, but practice makes perfect. As you continue getting a handle on your time, your friends will soon be asking for your scheduling secrets!

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