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18113 organization header

Keeping your life organized can be a hassle. You have too much junk, you run into space issues, your kids are messy, and really, it's not always fun. But there are ways to feel a bit more organized. We talked to Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co, about her tips for finding ways to maximize (and beautify) storage in your house. 

18113 donation1. Declutter!

"First and foremost it is about clearing out the stuff you don’t use," says Morin. "A lot of people have unnecessary products around their space."

2. Visual Storage

Keep everything in sight by utilizing clear drawer inserts or apothecary jars in the bathroom. Morin adds, "It actually makes better use of the stuff you are buying because you can see it and know where it's at so you remember you want to use it."

3. No Storage? Make it!

Your storage solutions don't have to be cold and plastic. Morin suggests creating fun solutions, like gluing cute plates to a candle stick votive. "Something like this can sit in your foyer or sit in your bathroom, and holds all kinds of odds and ends from jewelry pieces and hair ties to keys and sunglasses," she says.

18113 junkdrawer4. Compartmentalize The Chaos

We all have that one drawer that ends up being a sort of "catchall" for random odds and ends. For drawers like that, Morin recommends using acrylic trays, because they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and allow for customization. 

5.  Go Vertical

As a new mom, Morin knows that when you have kids, their stuff ends up everywhere. Her suggestion is to use your wall space. Morin uses pegboards on the wall and adds different buckets and shelving racks depending on what kind of storage is needed. The great thing about peg boards is they're easy to rearrange depending on the week. "I have these in my own houseliterally the entire wall is peg board to create all kind of efficient space-saving solutions," she says.

6. Small Changes Add Up

You don't have to clean out and label your entire house in one weekend, but making small, easy changes will add up over time. One idea for the bathroom is substituting those springy toilet paper holders for hooks that can hold multiple rolls. "It saves a lot of time just not having to think about doing household chore projects like changing toilet paper rolls," Morin says.

18113 sewingpic7. Have Fun!

Don't think of organization as a chorethink of it as a way to show off your creative side. "Don't be afraid to showcase stuff that you might have lying around the house," Morin explains. "You can create décor pieces that double as storage and organization."

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