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For so many Youtubers out there, the name Tati brings up images of a beauty guru icon. Known only as Tati, the Glam Life Guru offers beauty advice to over 700,000 subscribers and counting. Just recently, Birchbox announced LOC (aka Love of Color) which is the new personal line of the beauty giant. Along with this launch, the first month’s shipment will be a specialized selection from Tati herself! This is quite the accomplishment for anyone in the beauty industry.

Womensforum spoke with Tati at a Birchbox event in downtown Chicago to learn more about how she grew into such a success.

What’s your story?

I just wanted to make videos, I wanted to do it for fun. I wanted to teach women makeup and how to feel more confident and it just slowly become something bigger year by year. Before I started my makeup channel, I did work as a freelance makeup artist. I just thought it would be cool to make it very approachable and easy for the everyday woman to learn, you know, some pro makeup skills.

How do you keep up your positive personality when shooting these videos?

I truly love what I do, I wake up in the morning and I’m excited about all of this stuff that I do with Youtube. I feel like I have a genuine connection with my audience, so as far as keeping my personality up and anything like that, it just happens naturally.


Photo Credit: @GlamLifeGuru Instagram

What About Your Process?

It’s taken a long time to get you know, the backdrop just right. You know, in my mind, I’m always trying to improve it. It is all me. I edit my own videos, the backdrop that you see in my videos is my beauty room, kind of my office.

What’s Next?

I’m continuing loving my partnership with Birchbox. I love that I get to travel with them and get to do cool things. I’m just always trying to improve my channel. I think at the core of it, I’m always going to be at my channel.


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