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Music-and-SoccerMusic hopefuls invited to make rhythm at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

If the attraction of two all-star soccer teams wasn't enough, music hopefuls have been invited to submit their talents to the Official Album of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Sponsored by Sony, the SuperSong contest will be judged by a list of rhythm aficionados. As the "SuperSong" contest closed on January 6, 2014, judges are currently working to narrow the list down to the Top 20.


From there, experts from Sony Music Entertainment, FIFA fans and music lovers will vote for the five finalists. The winner will be chosen in February and travel to Puerto Rico to work with Ricky Martin to complete and produce the song.

How Songs Will Be Judged

  • Music Quality
  • Lyric Quality
  • Relevance to the FIFA World Cup theme
  • Global Hit Potential

To highlight the importance of culture and diversity, only citizens from a list of countries were eligible to submit their song to the contest. According to SuperSong, restrictive laws were applied to avoid any legal problems or financial disputes. Three of the countries who were eligible to submit songs included Japan, Poland and Indonesia.

Ricky Martin said, “It is a true honor to be able to collaborate with 'SuperSong'. I am extremely happy and humbled that I was asked to launch this special contest where fans have an opportunity to co-write the final version of the song with me.”

Ricky Martin is familiar to the style of World Cup anthems, as he recorded his first in 1998. The song was called “La Copa de la Vida” (Cup Of Life) and was the official song of the FIFA World Cup in France.

For 2010's FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Shakira was the anthem's singer with her song titled “Waka Waka”.



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