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expert-blogs-gift-cards-greatest-gifts-ever-or-cop-outAre you afraid giving gift cards will make you look bad?

‘Tis the season! That means many of us are shopping for friends and family. Some people are easy to buy for; others leave us stumped. What are we to do?


I have bought gift cards for people because they are easy to send through the mail (parcels can be expensive to send!), the person can go get exactly what they want, and they are fast and easy to buy!

Gift cards are often the go-to gift when we are stumped what to get for someone. I was excited to send a card to the recipients’ favorite restaurant, knowing that this was an indulgence that they would not normally take themselves. For an avid reader, I have sent gift cards for e-books. Movie cards have been given for the movie buffs.

woman-buying-somethingWhy Do We Have Mixed Feelings About Gift Cards?

I have mixed feelings about gift cards, though. Part of me thinks that they are a big cop-out. Let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of thought that goes into buying a gift card beyond deciding what card to get. Also, gift cards cause the person to go out and buy their own gift. Somehow a bunch of envelopes under the tree isn’t quite the same! And is there much point in us all just giving gift cards to one another? Maybe we should just not bother at all?

The companies that sell gift cards love them as many do not ever get used. It’s basically money for nothing for them. No wonder they promote them so much!

So, how do you feel about gift cards? Do you like giving them? Do you like receiving them?

Regardless, I hope you have a very happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice, or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year!


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