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  • It can be relatively simple to find the perfect present for the individuals on your list; however, when your recipients come in pairs things get a little more complicated. After all, you need to consider what both halves actually want to receive - and then find a version of it that fits within your budget, and is also as fun, cool, and awesome as your recipients! 

    We've got you covered though...these presents are great on their own, but they'd be especially awesome for the coolest couple on your list.



  • The Chili Lab Homemade Hotsauce Making Kit

    The Chili Lab Homemade Hotsauce Making Kit

    Give your favorite couple a way to spice things up and get creative together with this homemade hot sauce kit from The Chili Lab via Williams Sonoma.

    In the kitchen, that is (this isn't that kind of gift guide!). 

  • Personalized Wedding And Anniversary Pushpin Map

    Personalized Wedding And Anniversary Pushpin Map

    Give the couple who just got married, celebrated a milestone anniversary, or took an amazing trip an awesome way to capture and display their memories with this personalized map from Uncommon Goods.

  • Luxe Faur Fur Throw

    Luxe Faur Fur Throw

    Because sometimes it takes more than love to keep you warm - which is when this fluffy Chroma Faux-Fur throw from Restoration Hardware might be the perfect gift. $98.00.

  • Nespre Pixie Espresso Maker

    Nespre Pixie Espresso Maker

    This petite espresso maker might replace the regular Starbucks trips for a pair of coffee lovers; plus they will appreciate being able to enjoy a fantastic latte or cappuccino (yup there's a milk warmer/frother included) without leaving the comfort of their cozy house. Plus the small size means that it fits just about perfectly on any countertop, and it's $195.99 at Target.



  • Twisted Wine Decanter

    Twisted Wine Decanter

    This elegantly twisted decanter is the ideal everyday upgrade for your wine connoisseur pals. $29.99-$49.99 at Uncommon Goods.

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