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14 years later, we find out where Cory and Topanga are in GMW premiere! 

Last we saw the Boy Meets World gang, Cory and Topanga were married and moved to New York with Shawn and Eric. So, 14 years later, where are they now? Boy Meets World became a part of our lives in 1993 and sadly left our lives in 2000 after their college years. However, the life lessons stuck with us. So, is Girl Meets World going to be similar to Boy Meets World? Will it live up to our expectations? Find out in this recap! 

‘Boy Meets World’ Vs. ‘Girl Meets World’ 

In the pilot episode of Girl Meets World, we saw numerous similarities between the two shows! The pilot episode features Riley, Cory and Topanga’s daughter, and her best friend, Maya, where they learn their first life lesson: to be their own person and make the world their own.

Cory is Riley and Maya’s history teacher and Riley decides she wants to be just like Maya, a rebellious free spirit. But, good ol' dad (can't believe Cory is a daddy still!) is there to teach his daughter to be her own person. The pilot episode brought surprises, laughs and some sighs. It seemed a bit cheesy and the girls’ acting wasn’t exactly top notch. But, we are comparing the show to Boy Meets World, so there's a bit of a bias! Were there any similarities? Definitely!

  • Shawn and Cory had the best on-screen bromance and you can clearly tell that Riley and Maya’s relationship is similar to Cory and Shawn’s. 
  • The same creators who started Boy Meets World, created Girl Meets World. 
  • Even the logos for the shows are the same! The world globe is the “O” in “world” for both shows.
  • Much like Mr. Feeney, Cory is now a history teacher. 
  • We are introduced to a smart kid who has an infatuation with Riley and Maya named Farkle who is identical to Minkus. 
  • In season two, Cory and Shawn hold a student protest and in the pilot, Maya and Riley lead a protest against doing homework. 
  • Riley wants to be cool and carefree like Maya, much like Cory always wished he were like Shawn. 
  • Cory and Shawn attended John Adams High School and now Riley and Maya attend John Quincy Adams Middle School. 
  • We get a glimpse into Maya’s home life, which seems to be a little like Shawn’s rough upbringing. 

The best part of the pilot? We got to see the famous Mr. Feeney!

So, what’s in store for season one? Coming of age lessons, challenges and old characters like Mr. Feeney, Shawn and Minkus! Stay tuned for episode two on Friday, July 11.

What did you think of this pilot episode? 

Photo Credit: Instagram

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