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It can sometimes seem like the clothing options available for little girls are all the same - frilly dresses, glitter, and a whole lot of pink. 

How do you dress your daughter if she's a free-spirit, a tomboy or plus-sized? How do you ensure that she'll want to wear the outfits you pick out for her, and that they are making her feel good about herself? Check out some of these awesome girl power clothing lines for inspiration!

For The Girly-Girl Who Loves Pirates

In February, we first told you about Princess Awesome, a clothing line that challenges gender stereotypes by combining frilly dresses with dinosaurs, chemistry symbols and pirate ships. 

slide 401940 4981488 free1Photo Credit: Princess Awesome

In their Kickstarter page, moms Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair wrote, “We believe that if a girl likes purple and also likes trucks, she should be able to wear a purple truck dress. And if a girl likes princesses and also aliens, then an alien princess skirt is for her.”

For The Plus-Size Girl

A lot of fashion retailers offer plus-size girl clothing nowadays, but you want to pick designs that are flattering without being too spendy. Check out Kohl's and Target for affordable on-trend plus-size looks that will help your daughter feel comfortable in her own skin. 

2196719 Black PalmPhoto Credit: Kohl's

For The Tomboy

The great thing about Quinn and Fox is that it's a unisex brand. Because it's unisex, you don't have to worry about extra frills and sparkles. It's perfect for a girl who would rather play than worry about dresses. Check out their website if your daughter cares more about comfort and versatility than having a tutu! 

Q-F-Oakland-1231-3415045730-OPhoto Credit: Quinn and Fox 


Header Photo Credit: Princess Awesome

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