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Many women today are planning a girl's night in party. Actually, an adult slumber party can be great fun with just a bit of planning and a few great friends. Just think of it: You like girls' night out but then your need a designated driver, but with a girls' night in party, all you need is the nearest couch, floor or bed. So let's talk about planning an adult slumber party without the boys and see what we come up with.

Spending Some Quality Time Staying Home With Your BFFs

Planning a girls' night in party can be great fun. You might want to start off by planning a theme. There are so many themes that your can have that would be a blast. You can have a "spa night", a "movie night", a "drinking night" or a "leave the boy's home" night. With all of them you will have fun, relax, do a little female bonding and have a great girl's night in. There is nothing like the bond you form with the women in your life so why not have a bit of fun with them?  Who says you can only have fun when you are younger??!

Of course every party needs some fun so you really need to think about the girls' night in party games that you might want your guests to join in. Try the "I never" game for instance. A great female bonding game, every guest takes a turn saying something that they "never did" and if the other guests HAVE done this activity they begin to rack up points. It is really fun hearing some of the things your friends with come up with and you will probably even learn a bit you didn't already know about them in the process.

Planning a grown up girls' slumber party though usually involves activities such as spa treatments, jewelry shows or other such activities that women seem to like so much. For the spa treatment party you can all bring your favorite spa items and have a night of facials, hair, makeup, massage (it would be great if one of your friends was a massage therapist right?!?!?) and pedicure/manicures. The girls' night in would be filled with nail polish, hair dye and face mud but you will relax, enjoy each other's company and have an adult slumber party without the boys.  (Psst.  Not guaranteed.)

Another very popular theme that is great fun is a "movie" theme. Horror flicks, love stories, action films or whatever genre you want is welcome. And you can add to the night by having girls' night in party games around the movie. So you can put together a trivia type game about the movie and whoever gets the question wrong has to tell a high school secret.  This is actually a blast and great fun. Make sure you have the popcorn, the candy, maybe some hotdogs or some nacho chips with cheese so it feels like the real thing.

There is no downside to planning a grown up girls' slumber party (except for the clean up). They are fun, easy to plan, easy to pull off and will create lasting memories for you and all your guests.  Plus, these are your best girlfriends you are having over.  There is nothing better than women spending some great time together bonding, chatting, watching a movie or putting on that blue nail polish!!!

And who knows, with a little advance planning, maybe the cute guys will still show up!

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