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girls-night-out-ideas-newphotoThese get-together ideas will promise a night to remember!

Whether you and your girlfriends are planning a girl's night out because it's a birthday celebration, a simple much needed escape from the kids or you're organizing a bachelorette party that nobody will ever forget, one thing's for certain, there's plenty of fun girl's night out activities to enjoy.

Ideas for a Girl's Night Out

Safety Rules for a Girl's Night Out

  • First you will need to work out what type of things you all enjoy, where you want to go and how to get there and back safely. The safety rule is paramount. When girlfriends go out for a fun girl's night out whether it is one of alcohol, dancing, mischief and mayhem or simply a nice dinner and chick flick, there are a few smart ground rules for girls night out safety to agree upon.
  • Do commit that you will arrive together and you will leave together, no matter how much you fancy that hot guy that's been eyeing you all night! (Yes, invariably some of you will be free dancers and others will be "just Looking".
  • Do consider housekeeping rules that promote girl's night out safety.
  • When out and about in the wee, late hours of the night, park the car in a safe and well lit parking area, keep your phone switched on and stick to well lit roads on the way home.
  • This means staying well away from dark alleys.
  • Remember that even if you haven't done the botox thing, you may also be asked for identification that proves you are over the age of 18, so have adequate ID on you.
  • Women will giggle when asked for it if they are over 30!  But many clubs do need to have a guarantee that they are not serving underaged drinkers.

Now that we have the serious stuff out of the way, here's some fabulous girl's night out suggestions guaranteed to make it one of the best times that you and your entourage will ever experience.

Girl's Night Out Ideas

  • rganize a stretch limo to travel to your girl's night out venue in style while sipping pink champagne. Or you may prefer a pub crawl adventure fun tour.  You might be surprised at how cheap some services are these days and this will settle the designated driver issue.
  • Start off with a tasty scrumptious meal at a restaurant in town or why not book a murder mystery dinner? For the late night munchies grab a slice of pizza, a burger, a burrito or some deliciously wicked pancakes at a 24 hour diner.
  • What about dancing? All girls love to hit the clubs for a boogie, especially once the drinks have kicked in. There's nothing quite like a few cocktails to add to the party atmosphere. Berry-infused Gin Slow Comfortable Screws, a Schnapps and Baileys C**k Sucking Cowboys or lots of Cointreau and Baileys Orgasms are not only delicious but will definitely get everyone in a party mood.
  • Having your girl's night out at home? Be sure to have a hot bodied bar-tender (deciding whose husband might do this for free would also be fun, but then you'd have to find jobs for the rest of the guys) to look after the drinks, especially if he shakes it up as well as he stirs! For entertainment that's certain to raise a smile with each of your guests, hire a stripper or two. Watch the party get into full swing! How about an adult sex toy party for some extra fun?

Whether you are out for a specific celebration or just for the glory of being friends ladies nights out is part of the sisterhood of being female. Many women are also opting for days, afternoons and even weekends away together where they simply get a chance to enjoy each other's company without the intrusion of a male or kids. After all, girls just want to have fun.

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