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Girls Puberty Is All About  Change

What are the common signs of puberty in girls?  You remember "Mean Girls?"  Right?   Lots of that unexpected "bitchiness" can be expected, frankly!

It's not easy and it doesn't happen overnight, but girls go through a great number of changes during puberty, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Girls start menstruating at this time or shortly afterward, experience growth spurts, body and facial hair growth, new body odors and changes in body composition which spurs the development of breasts and the overall female form taking shape.

Skin problems like acne and dry or oily skin also develop during this time. Many girls feel  "growing pains" during puberty from the discomfort and pain associated with bodily changes, their menstrual cycle and other worries that she may have due to many hormonal and other physical changes taking place in her body.

It is very common for girls experiencing puberty to have mood swings including moments of utter sadness or depression followed by excitement or elation as well as an increased interest in her sexuality. This includes an interest in the opposite sex, but this will also depend upon her age.

Pre-teen girls need privacy and space which is why you will find that they spend a great deal of time in bedrooms, bathrooms or hanging out with their friends as well as constantly arguing with younger siblings about their own personal space. The phrase - "Get out of my room" is a popular mantra of the young pubescent female.

The attitude and behavior of many pre teen or teenage girls at this time is rightfully referred to as the Princess Bitch Face syndrome, and there is an excellent book written with that very title. It's well worth reading, as many a parent have recognized their daughter amongst the pages of that book and have been able to laugh as they are given an insight into the world of a girl's puberty.

Although it is difficult for parents to find out that their sweet little girl is getting a little lost for a few years, rest assured that the princess that you loved so much eventually returns, all grown up.

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