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ptr-girlynation-125sqGirly Nation wants to be your interactive personal stylist and this site indeed has a lot to offer. Fashion conscious girls, young women, or the young and girly at heart will find an array of cool features like a bra size calculator or the latest make-up tutorials and beauty tips. Browsing through this fun page will help you to dress right to compliment your body type and teach you how to copy your favorite celebrity's hair styles. Visit Website

This site covers absolutely everything a girl wants and needs to know about current fashion, celebrity styles, as well as hair and skin care. At the same time you can check on your horoscope, read some ideas on how to interpret those strange dreams you have been having and read up on some dating advice. Also, find out what type of guy you are most compatible with and when you finally lure him into asking you out, check out the great dating outfit ideas as well as kissing tips. Things never get boring when surfing through the fun features and you can even add the site to your Myspace page and share your own style knowledge and techniques with your friends.

Womensforum Partner: GirlyNation joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 8/2000.

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