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Photo Credit: Splash

Giuliana Rancic has been very open about her struggles with having another baby in the past, and now the E! News host is sharing the heartbreaking news that she and her husband are at the end of the road.

In an interview with People Magazine, Rancic revealed that she and her husband Bill learned that the surrogate carrying their last embryo had miscarried on New Year's Eve – meaning that the couple’s 2-year-old son Duke will be the couple’s only biological child.

After Duke was born, the Rancics had three embryos left, which were implanted into surrogates. The news of the latest miscarriage for their last embryo was crushing for the couple.

"It was painful," the 40-year-old mom told People Magazine. "We were so optimistic with this last embryo. We thought, ‘This is definitely going to work. This is our last shot.’"

In 2011, Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer and opted to have a double mastectomy. Since then, Rancic’s cancer-repressing medication has led to a lot of fertility issues.

The television personality has also been under a lot of heat recently for her tiny frame, which she has said is a result of the cancer medication. 

While the recent news is heartbreaking, Rancic seems to be handling it gracefully.

"We're open to everything," she told People Magazine. "I think adoption is a beautiful gift you're giving each other. And it's funny, I'm even more open to [adoption] than I was before. Because I think to myself, 'I love Duke so much, if I couldn't take care of him, I hope there would be someone else who would love him.'"

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