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Surprisingly enough, the idea behind it all, began with a male college student, Jack Counts Jr.  He obviously knew a lot about women and their desire to be glamour girls at heart, because Glamour Shots did what females like best and that was to be pampered and made pretty.  Today there are many variations on the theme of the original concept, including 'pin up girl', 'centerfold shots',  'lingerie shots',  'pole dancer shots' and more.  And they are even more fun if you involve your best female friends and do it together!

Glamour Shots Together Can Be Especially Delicious

Well, if you were looking for an amazing day out with the girls, then look no further than a fabulous day at a Glamour Shots store near you. Offering multiple packages, you and your friends can have a glamour friendship photo or individual glamour pictures. Better yet, how about hiring in a photographer to do this at you or one of your friend's houses? There are a variety of possibilities within either of these options.

Here's a twist on a lingerie party for one of your girlfriends who is a bride-to-be. Have a lingerie shoot! Each one of you can be a pin up girl with this option.  Or you gals can just stick with a glamour shot party.  All you have to do is book the party at least ten days in advance. The photographer from Glamour Shots will come to you.  You have to have a minimum of four friends to participate.  You bring a few outfits that you feel fabulous in, jewelry, etc. and then they'll bring the rest, like the supplies for the makeovers and hairstyles.  Who doesn't like getting their hair and makeup done by a professional?

And hey, glamour moms, if having somebody come over to your house or even a get together with four or more people doesn't sound appealing, but rather more exhausting then anything, don't worry, there are always the normal, in-store options.  Many times once you can actually find a baby-sitter for your kids or take him up on it when your husband finally comes through with that day to yourself he's been promising you since last year.

Even if you just have a single best friend who might be game for the fun.  Make an appointment with an experienced photographer.  Have your friend over and you can pick a couple of cute sexy outfits.  Once you are there, relaxing won't be an issue. You two will get pampered and pretty for your own glamour photo shoot, and you can even take some pictures together. It's easy because they take a variety of shots and you can choose your own package to fit your budget.

Glamour Shots is just one particular option for a day of photographed fun with your friends. You can always just save some money and do each others hair and makeup, then hire a regular photographer to come over. The point is having fun with your fellow glamour gals, pin up girls, bathing beauties, or whatever option you may choose.

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