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global-obesity-16-million-tons-too-muchExcessive Weight of Men and Women Around the World Amounts to 16.5 Tons.

And that overage may threaten our food supply and environmental resources, according to researchers. All together, the entire earth's population's weight amounts to 316 million tons, otherwise translated as 633 billion pounds. And that 16.5 billion extra weight converts to 242 million additional people of normal weight. Most of the world's extra weight can be found in the United States. In the US, the average weight of an adult is 178 lbs., as opposed to the rest of the world's average, which is 137 lbs. Take into account that North America accounts for only six percent of the world's population, but when it comes to the obesity epidemic, the US holds 34% of the world's weight in obesity.

The Global Obesity Epidemic

If the other countries of the world matched us in obesity, the weight would account for an extra billion people with average body mass. These recent global obesity studies and statistics by the United Nations, World Health Organization and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine need to give us pause. And here is why.

Can the Obesity Epidemic Threaten Our Food Supply?

The obesity epidemic and arrying extra weight around the world can most certainly threaten our food sources and environment. Larger people need more energy to simply live. Half of all food ingested is burned off in physical activities and it stands to reason that heavier people will require more energy. Even those people with extra pounds burn more energy while at rest. In essence, instead of concentrating on how many mouths we need to feed, we need to be paying close attention to how much extra flesh will require more energy worldwide.

Based on the obesity epidemic study's results, the fact that when considering the environment, we need to take into account the body mass of the population. By 2050 we could easily have 2.3 billion more people in the world. And though there are other continents more highly populated, the United States has the most obese people so population alone does not count.

What is the Weight of the World?

The United States (especially) and the rest of the world needs to take this study seriously and begin a hard focus on motivating people to get moving and eat more healthily. We need to promote more walking and bicycling. The reason for the widespread obesity my not be because people are eating more, rather that with technology they have become more sedentary. Technology has taken the "blood sweat and tears" out of doing physical tasks.

We all want our children and grandchildren to experience a lifetime of prosperity. And if we can shut down the obesity epidemic, our wishes can come to fruition for food security, the environment and those of us who live in it.

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