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Presented by Feeding America™.

It’s a new year, and that means a new list of resolutions. Sure, losing weight or reading more are great for your physical and mental health… but how about adding some good deeds to make you feel really good overall?

Ring in the New Year by helping others, donating your time, or volunteering. Need some feel-good ideas? Feeding America, the nationwide network of 200 food banks that leads the fight against hunger in the United States, is ready to help you finish your resolutions list!

Volunteer at Your Local Food Bank, Pantry, or Meal Program

Find a local food bank, pantry, or meal program, and donate time in the New Year to helping others. Many pantries and meal programs rely solely on volunteers, so your time can really make a difference this year.

Partner With Feeding America

There are 16 million children in this country who are struggling with hunger; yet billions of pounds of excess food are going to waste – that’s more than enough food to feed children in need. The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks helps gather and collect surplus food, and helps to deliver it to children and families in need. They also support programs that improve food security, educate the public about the issue of hunger, and advocate for legislation that protects people who are struggling with hunger. Visit FeedingAmerica.org to find out about various ways in which you can help.

Donate Clothing or Home Goods

Instead of throwing out clothing or home good items, donate them to charities or donation stores. But don’t stop there; you could also donate children’s clothing or toys!

Volunteer Your Time

Have no money or items to donate? Simply lend a helping hand to those who may need it by volunteering at a nursing home, your local church, or even by babysitting for that single parent down the street who works two jobs.

Care For Your Environment

Get involved in cleaning up the planet. Participate in the green movement and learn about recycling, volunteer your time to eco-friendly associations, and find out how to educate others.

feeding-america-logoWith these ideas in mind, make 2015 your most positive year yet. Donate, volunteer and even share this article with others to send some good ideas their way!

Want to learn how to get more involved this year with helping out your community? Head to FeedingAmerica.org.

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