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FAD Equals Failure and Defeat

The trends of this modern age, with tons of technical gizmos and gadgets that allow us to do everything instantly with little or even no effort, certainly has its good points.  Unfortunately there is also a negative side.  Millions of people today, as a result of poor choices, are very overweight. This has brought about an increase in the popularity of fad diets, which promise that you will lose a ton of weight instantly.  But do in the world of good diets vs fad diets, what actually works?

Evil Lurks in the Land of Diets

Research finds that most people who go on fad diets not only don't lose very much weight, but they often end up actually gaining weight instead.  To add insult to injury, they end up spending so much money trying to lose weight that the only thing that does shrink is the size of their wallets.  Not only do fad diets fail to promote healthy eating choices, but they are also charge like wounded bulls.  Compared to a good diet, what is the real purpose of a fad diet?

Fad diets lure potential victims with promises of substantial weight loss without too much effort.  Sadly, their promises ring untrue as fad diets are created to ensure that you perpetually fail, but try, try and try yet again.  What are they really designed to do? Strip your wallet of its money and that's about all, as their solutions are usually very low in nutrients and do nothing to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why do people continue to shell out money on fad diets, despite knowing that they don't work?  This is one industry that has done its homework, as is employs top marketing professionals who understand only too well the emotional attachments that most of the overweight population has regarding food. The management of many of the businesses that supposedly are focused on helping people to lose weight openly endorse staff training methods that encourage clients to keep spending even though they are not seeing any positive results.  Try this new product, or give it another week, and you will get the results you want!  Why don't they just offer a money back guarantee?

Dieting alone is not enough to lose weight and keep it off.  A fad diet is even worse.  Instead, choose a healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible daily intake of calories and eating fresh foods from the healthy food groups you learned about as a child.  Avoid a diet that's loaded with fatty foods, such as those found on most take away menus.  Start cooking healthy meals at home and consider walking rather than driving once in a while. Rather than simply focusing on any particular good diet to lose weight, create a balanced lifestyle that promotes optimum health, vitality and overall wellness.  You'll definitely lose weight and, better still, keep it off.

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