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google-headquartersPhoto Credit: Google

Do you remember that night when you spent the entire evening searching for Vanilla Ice's entire discography online? Do you remember exactly where you were standing when you searched for the closest vegan bakery near your apartment? No? Well Google does, and they're finally revealing how much they really know about you. 

The internet giant recently debuted a few new privacy and security features for their products, which includes "My Account"  and "Privacy Checkup." By checking out "My Account" you can see exactly how much personal data Google knows about you, including your phone number, your entire search history, and even the places you've been. Unless you have the setting turned off, Google will track your location on any logged-in device. 

The "Privacy Checkup" tool is useful way to control how much personal data you're willing to let Google track. The tool will let you manage what you share on your Google+ profile, your YouTube profile and to manage your ad settings. The default ad settings allows the company to use the history of the websites you've visited to base what ads you see online on what they deem your interests to be. 

Google also released a new privacy page in order to explain better exactly what they do with all your information. The company stressed that they don't sell any of their user's information, writing, "Know that we do not sell your personal information. And you control the types of information we collect and use. Lastly, no one does more to keep you and your information safe and secure.”

We're happy to see Google being more transparent with the information they collect, after all the company's slogan is "Don't be evil." 

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