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Photo Credit: eonline.com

The GOP is having a pretty stressful year. After struggling to name a successor for Speaker of the House John Boehner, establishment Republicans can only watch as Donald Trump continues to dominate the polls and headlines. 

It looks like Trump has a very good chance at securing the Republican nomination, so now the GOP is bracing itself for the scenario. A leaked memo, penned by NRSC Executive Director Ward Baker, suggests members of the Republican Party adopt some of Trump's techniques that have resonated with conservative voters. 

"The place is Cleveland, Ohio. The date is July 21, 2016 and Donald Trump has just accepted the nomination of the Republican Party to be its nominee for President of the United States." -Ward Baker

Baker claims that "Trump has risen because voters see him as authentic, independent, direct, and firm." Other tips suggest mimicking Trump's clothing style and use of Twitter. 

The memo begins with imagining Trump being sworn in as the Republican nominee and urges party members to support Trump if he does end up getting the most votes. The memo states that Republicans must understand the changing political climate and react to it appropriately. 

Baker also warns against mimicking everything about Trump's candidacy, saying that statements disparaging women shouldn't be emulated. For a full look at the confidential memo, click here!


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