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Gorgeous Holiday Makeup

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glamorous-holiday-makeup-mainYou're the one who looks like Christmas!

This holiday season, there is a lot going on in the world of hot holiday makeup. Thankfully, the selection this year is not your standard holiday fare, as many of our favorite makeup designers are setting the rule book alight like a yule log and giving us a gorgeous smattering of new tones. Makeup trends come and go, but let's hope that the direction this year's makeup collections is taking lasts longer than usual.

Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Tips

Remember when you used to turn your nose up when shopping for obligatory Christmas party makeup, due to the obnoxious bright reds and overall bad quality of holiday makeup? Well it seems like lots of our favorite brands have gotten the picture and have begun creating easy holiday makeup that has an air of sophistication and is something we might actually break out during the rest of the year. Quality is thankfully king (or queen) and many of this year's holiday makeup collections are going to become timeless classics.

1. Great Holiday Makeup Starts With Color

Let's start with color. Dark plum, bronze and beige tones and silver flourishes are gracing the faces of many of our favorite spokes models, along with lilac, light peach and pale violet. That's right, you don't have to feel like a Christmas ornament to add some seasonal flare to your Christmas party makeup any longer! 

gorgeous-holiday-makeup-3Try a shimmery Christmas foundation for a soft, angelic glow. There are many great, glittery holiday makeup products out there nowadays that couldn't be farther from the raver look that comes to mind. Vive le technologie!

For perfect eyes, try a pale violet eye pencil instead of your basic black, then add a touch of dark plum eyeshadow, and finish off the look with lightly applied lilac eyeshadow like a burst from the eye. With softer tones, don't be afraid to be a little wilder than usual since the overall effect will be subtler. Just go easy on the eyeliner-use it as more of a subtle accent to draw attention to the eye. 

For the lips, if you want to go bold, try an orchid or purple for a classy finish.

2. Use a Light Hand

Looking for a more holiday casual look, say for a pre-holiday get together with close friends or a work gathering? Remember, less is more! Try softly-lined eyes with a touch of bronze and a classy beige lipstick or a sheer golden gloss. Then finish it all off with your favorite holiday perfume, be it a sweet or a spicy scent. C'est fantastique. Looking effortlessly beautiful will make you the envy of your friends and coworkers, while trying too hard is always a gamble that rarely pays off. Hot holiday makeup does not have to take hours!

3. Splurge on the Basics

When shopping for your holiday makeup this season, don't be afraid to spend a little more, as this season's collections tend to be more timeless than tacky. If you do your research and take your time to find the perfect Christmas shades for your complexion, you might find yourself wearing your holiday makeup choices all winter long. Getting the most out of your choices is the best bargain around.

Now, go look beautiful this holiday season ladies!

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