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  • No longer youngsters, but not quite teenagers, this age group can be quite the struggle to shop for. But, worry no longer this holiday season, we have round-up the hottest items on this year's list that will leave your tween grinning from eye-to-eye. 

  • Plush Animal Speaker

    Plush Animal Speaker

    Photo credit: PBTeen

    Jam out with these adorable plush animal speakers.  

  • Celebrity Life-Sized Cut Out

    Celebrity Life-Sized Cut Out

    Photo credit: Thrift Cat

    This is the ultimate bedroom decoration for your celebrity crazed tween. 

  • PJ Pants

    PJ Pants

    Photo credit: Amazon

    These fun and funky jammies will score them some extra cool points at the next big slumber party. 

  • Furry Desk Chair

    Furry Desk Chair

    Photo credit: PB Teen

    Make homework a lot more enjoyable with this cute and cozy desk chair. 

  • Magazine Subscription

    Magazine Subscription

    Photo credit: J-14.com

    Treat your tween with a gift that will last even longer than the holiday season. 

  • Polaroid Camera

    Polaroid Camera

    Photo credit: Amazon

    Take the selfie game to a whole new level.

  • Earring Set

    Earring Set

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    Bling out with these fashionable and unique earring sets. 

  • Holiday Lip Balm

    Holiday Lip Balm

    Photo credit: Kohls

    Get in the holiday spirit and indulge in some sweet beauty products that resemble your favorite winter treats. 

  • Warm Winter Boots

    Warm Winter Boots

    Photo credit: urbanewomen.com

    Warm up those toes as the snow starts falling. This is one gift you can never go wrong with. 

  • Hair Mascara

    Hair Mascara

    Photo credit: eBay

    This 90's hair trend is the perfect addition to electrifying that boring old school wardrobe. 

  • Beading Kit

    Beading Kit

    Photo credit: Michaels

     Combine art with fashion with this DIY beading kit. 

  • Body Spray

    Body Spray

    Photo credit: learnclubdance.com

  • Karaoke Microphone

    Karaoke Microphone

    Photo credit: Toys R Us

    Turn your tween into a pop star with this new karaoke sensation!

  • Makeup Brush Set

    Makeup Brush Set

    Photo credit: realsimple.com

    This little set of brushes will take care of all her experimenting needs. 

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