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great-products-for-mother-and-child-videoWe've got a list of fun products that are great for mothers and children!

Let’s face it moms: life with kids can be hectic. Running from place to place, constantly having to clean the house while trying to keep your kids clean as well is no easy task! It can really be hard to find products that work for families on-the-go.

But, no need to fret. Lisa Bartolucci from Klutchclub.com has a few great mother and child products.


Products for Kids

  • GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce on the Go- This comes in a squeezable bag and is a small portion of applesauce. It is perfect for a child on-the-go. This product tastes great, is fun to eat and gives kids confidence because they can feed themselves rather than relying on Mom to help them.
  • Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Kids Herbal Tea - A great way to get kids to start drinking tea early in life and not turn to pop and sugary drinks. This tea is delicious and made for both kids and parents. It is the perfect to drink to have right before bed to help calm the minds of you and your kids.
  • Fresh Feet Wipes - You can take them anywhere from the beach to the gym and it’s a natural option to keep your kids feet clean throughout the day. It will also help to keep their sheets clean after running around all day. 

Products for Moms

  • Barre Real Food Bar - A delicious granola bar made by dancers for dancers. They found a product that works great for their sport but is still beneficial to everyone, including busy moms. The cinnamon pecan flavor is a favorite!
  • Drink Chia - A healthy drink that is packed full of health benefits. The drink has seeds mixed in with the liquid and tastes delicious. Chia comes in many flavors like honey-suckle pear and mango-tangerine.
  • Daily Burn- Custom Workout and Nutrition Plans - Why go to the gym when you can bring the gym to you? This is a site to check out for sure! There is no need to leave the house to get a great work out. You can check out this site during your kids nap time and scroll through catalogues of different workouts for everyone and anyone.
  • Mr. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap - This product was definitely made with Mom’s in mind. This soap is made for mom’s who have been using harsh cleaning products or dish soaps that are rough on your hands. Meyer’s soap will help keep your hands soft and clean during the day no matter how much cleaning you have to do.

These products are great for moms and kids on-the-go. There is a wide variety of options and products that kids will enjoy but will also make mom’s busy life a little bit easier. We all like that, don't we! 

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