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environment-friendlyProtect Your Child's Health as Well as Our Planet.

The whole world is going green. Due to a perceived need to be more responsible with how we as a species, we have recently realized that we are affecting the Earth's resources for all living things. One of the ways that parents can make a difference when they are purchasing school supplies and clothing is to 'go green.' Recycling at school makes sense.  There are environmentally safe school supplies not only for the environment, but also for the children who are going to use them.

No more need to worry about little Johnny or Susie sampling their glue bottle with new more ecologically safe school supplies, there will be no need for detoxification, ahem, other than a stool softener!

Environmentally-Friendly School Supplies

Green school supplies are not item specific. Meaning that there is not only one class of environmentally safe school supplies that has been taken over by the green industry and made the one article you can buy that will help save the planet. When manufacturers started the green revolution they decided that sweeping changes were needed and anything that you purchase for your child's school supplies list can be a green item.

1. Paper

Why not recycle at school.  The recycling industry has been making sure that most of the paper that is used today is recycled for a long time now. Still, a parent needs to be diligent when they are selecting either loose or bound paper products and make sure that they are made from recycled goods.

2. Notebooks

When the notebook is of the spiral bound variety, it is easy to choose something green from the store shelves. However, what about when you are purchasing plastic, three ring binders?  Many stores offer notebooks featuring recycled plastics. The well known symbol for Earth friendly products will be on anything that is green.

3. Writing Utensils

Sometimes it is better to use home school supplies. Using those items that you already have a bunch of at home means that you do not have to purchase new ones and will save money and resources using products that may not be as safe. Part of saving the planet and using green supplies is making sure you completely utilize a product before buying something new. Wise consumerism is as helpful as buying recycled products.

Green school supplies don't necessarily have to be ones you get from the store. However, there are markers, pens and pencils that are made from recycled or low impact school products. Again look at the wording on the package carefully. It will say what the item is made from and you can research further if you need to whether the ingredients are ecologically sound or not.  Beware discount supplies that do not clearly define source of materials.

4. Other Green School Supplies

Asking what products are natural and environmentally safe is the best way to tell if some products are worthy of your new attitude. Safe school supplies include a new line of Elmer's glue, computers that have been manufactured with recycled parts and brown bags. Yes, the old brown paper bag is a much better choice than a plastic lunch box. If your child misses the old style lunch bags, have a family night where you decorate the brown bags or trade with other children, so that everyone has a new lunch bag.

Creativity and selection are keys to getting green school supplies.  Shop wisely and make sure that you are using recycled or waste products as much as possible and you can be assured that you are a part of the green revolution as well as making your kids health a little more safe.

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